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Beebo is an online staffing, document management and compliance platform. It has all the HR functions you’d expect and much more. It’s also a powerful tool for communicating with team members, provides secure document management, collaboration and compliance of your policies and procedures.

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Designed by service managers for service managers

Beebo was devised by service managers Rob Gorringe and Gareth Bennett, both with extensive NHS experience and well-used to the demands placed on compliance-heavy organisations.

Having tried and failed to find third-party software with the necessary admin functions to meet those demands, they decided to focus on development of an integrated package with the necessary back-office capabilities that was streamlined and simple to use.

Working with tech healthcare specialist and non-executive director, Dale Jessop - adding over 20 years experience in the delivery of health and social care systems both in the UK and abroad - they commissioned trusted developers to create exactly what was needed: a user-orientated rather than software-led solution.

Beebo founders Rob Gorringe and Gareth Bennett, and non-executive director Dale Jessop
"We found separate HR and document management software, but none enabled us to track compliance and have the controls needed in regulated industries. This was the spark for Beebo; it is unique in bringing all these tools together in a single, user-friendly package."
Custom-developed for regulated industries such as health & social care and education
"Key to Beebo’s success is its ease of use – simplicity which belies the underlying complexity necessary to deliver something so fully-featured!"

Custom-developed for regulated industries such as health & social care and education

Beebo is ideal for both single and multi-location providers, including GP practices, care homes and other social care providers, schools, colleges and educational trusts.

It combines three main areas of interwoven functionality: HR (team member management), Compliance, and Document Management, all of which you can read about on our Features page.

With the benefit of a low-cost entry point, a single-location employer might use the HR functionality for onboarding and managing a handful of team members, creating separate job profiles for each role, with the ability to handle annual and sick leave directly within the system. Any HR support can be offered restricted access to the system, avoiding the need to email confidential information.

Using the document functionality they’d then be able to circulate policies, files and memos to team members, handling acknowledgments… and chasing those who didn’t!

A multi-location organisation could extend this across multiple sites, and share only the information relevant with each location. Over and above that, any organisation might set up external partnerships with whom – with GDPR controls built in – they could share redacted details more broadly.

With built-in, automated compliance reporting (more of that below) and ‘log book’ activity tracking, Beebo really does keep everything you need.

Standards and quality reporting

One of the key benefits of Beebo is the way it simplifies reporting to regulatory bodies. We’re all familiar with the implications of impending CQC, Ofsted or other inspections - finding and collating the necessary paperwork and statistics takes valuable time and resource that distracts from core activities.

Because Beebo monitors records all the time, and allows all compliance documents, policies and files to be stored in one place, these headaches are completely avoided. Paperwork is available at the click of a mouse, and team member compliance is constantly displayed, so your records are always available and up to date.

Further to that - as all team member compliance documents have their expiry date set when uploaded - Beebo emails reminders automatically when an expiry date approaches, helping ensure that key records are kept up to date.

Standards and quality reporting
Future development

Future development

This is just the beginning. As our user base grows, we have exciting plans to develop a number of add-on modules to reinforce Beebo’s position as a single-source repository for everything related to HR, compliance and reporting. Keep an eye on our News page to stay up to date with developments.

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