Beebo was developed to save you significant time on all the admin tasks of managing teams - things that take you away from running and developing your services.

Aimed at compliance-heavy teams, it’s a fully-fledged HR system with enhanced compliance and document management.

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Manage your team

Manage your team
  • Simplified onboarding
  • Maintain full employee records
  • Automated tasks, information tracking and reporting
  • Ensure consistent role-based information gathering across the organisation
  • Maintain GDPR compliance with employee permissions, information redaction and archive/delete features
  • Log PDRs, 1:1's, compliments/complains or any other individual records or documents in individual notes journal

Role-based profiles

Role-based job profiles
  • Set up job profiles to exactly match your needs, then use them to record team member details
  • Base a profile on an existing profession template or create your own from scratch
  • Add, edit, delete fields
  • Drag’n’drop re-ordering
  • Easily allow document uploads

Manage leave and sickness

Manage leave and sickness
  • Set company-wide, role-based or individual allowances
  • Requests submitted by employees with one click approve/decline
  • View other booked leave on each submission
  • Enable TOIL and carry-over leave where required, role-by-role
  • Record and report on sick leave with uploads for sick notes and return to work interviews

Auditable communication with your team

Auditable communication with your team
  • Send controlled and secure information and messages to the right employees
  • Track and report on receipt/acknowledgement
  • Ensure confidentiality and security for important information you want to ensure is received and acknowledged
  • Searchable and reportable records to ensure compliance for regulators

Document management

Document management
  • Version control and shared storage for all important company documents and policies
  • Automated and simplified compliance with regulatory requirements around document management
  • Ensure staff have access to the right version of a document at all times
  • Control sharing by location and role, so that team members can only access the information they need
  • Ensure visibility with acknowledgement tracking and reporting
  • Set quizzes for important policy documents to confirm employee comprehension and demonstrate engagement to regulatory bodies
  • Archive old documents to retain reporting capability

Automated compliance reporting

Automated compliance reporting
  • Set reporting by role, so you only track the right compliance
  • Automated tracking of expiry dates for individual certificates
  • Scheduled reminders to employees and managers
  • Employee status change when expired
  • Monthly reporting by company, location, and role
  • Generate regulatory reports with a single click



Where working in partnership on projects or contracts, you might need to share compliance or certification records with partners. Beebo enables you to set this up and share controlled/redacted information and records with chosen partners, all with full security, confidentiality and GDPR control.

You might also need to report to external organisations such as a customer or commissioner about your compliance performance for certification or to share information. Beebo also enables you to implement this, saving time and providing added value to your contract bids.

HR support access

HR support access

Using an external provider for your HR? Easily grant them access to your account.

  • Simple to set up - just create a user with 'external' permissions
  • Secure, controlled access with limitations on ability to create or edit
  • Activity tracking records user actions

Security you can depend on

Beebo - secure hosting for your peace of mind
  • Data hosted and stored securely in the UK
  • Cyber Essentials certified
  • GDPR compliant
  • Compliant with public sector standards
  • Security by design with secure software development practices
  • Reviewed and externally tested to keep ahead of emerging threats
  • Data logically separated by permissions and role-based-access

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