With Beebo, there's no tiered pricing, no essential but costly add-ons - all the features described on this site are included 'out of the box'.

And with discounts available for annual payments, you'll struggle to find a more competitively priced fully-featured product on the market.

Beebo - free 2 month trial

Monthly fee (inc. one location)

Our base fee is just £20 + VAT per month for one location and up to 100 team members. So if you’re a single-site organisation - for example a single practice GP surgery - this is all you’ll pay.


Additional locations

A location might be a separate branch or a department for which you want to keep the team separate. An organisation with six branches would pay £70.00 + VAT per month. That’s £20.00 for the first location, plus a further 5 x £10.00 for the remaining branches. This includes up to 600 team members (i.e. an average of 100 per location).


Annual payment discount

Reduce your costs even further by taking advantage of a 10% discount for annual payment. That brings the monthly cost for a single-location employer down to just £18 per month ...unbeatable value for such a full-featured product!

FREE 2 month trial

Yes, that's right, we're so convinced you'll be bowled over by what Beebo has to offer that we're offering access to the fully-functional product for two months absolutely free of charge. No limit on locations, no limit to the number of team members, no limits on functionality, and we'll even help you with onboarding so you can quickly appreciate just how easy it is to use. There really is nothing to lose!

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Example usage

Single-site GP Surgery
Single-site GP Surgery

A GP surgery with 19 employees, 4 locums and 3 occasional agency staff at 1 practice uses Beebo for the following:

  • Managing HR records and performance for all 26 staff, with collected information reduced for agency workers
  • Enabling controlled access to clinical policy and procedure documents
  • Sending trackable messages to staff about changes to service delivery and clinical topics
  • Managing compliance to mandatory training for all 26 team members
  • Generating CQC reports

Total price £20 + VAT per month

Multi-academy schools trust
Multi-academy schools trust

A multi-academy trust (MAT) with 1 secondary academy, 6 primary schools, 320 employees and 12 supply teachers uses Beebo for the following:

  • Managing HR records and performance for all 332 team members
  • Enabling controlled access to school policy and procedure documents
  • Managing compliance to mandatory training for all 332 team members
  • Generating OFSTED reports

Price is £20 for the first school and £10 for the other 6.

Total £80 + VAT per month

Care home group
Care home group

A care home group with 1 head office, 6 nursing homes and 14 care homes staffed by 228 permanent employees, 435 bank workers and 29 agency workers. The group uses Beebo for the following:

  • Full HR records of permanent and bank workers, compliance and qualification records for agency staff
  • Managed separately by each care home with central records, oversight and reporting
  • Central policy sharing to each care home and local document controls
  • Group level compliance reporting and oversight
  • Trackable policy and procedure messages from the central group
  • Local CQC reporting
  • Centralised planning for training across the whole group based on visibility of pending expiry dates

Price is £20 for the first location and £10 for the other 21 locations.

Total £230 + VAT per month

The complete HR solution for compliance-heavy organisations of all sizes

Included Feature Description
Easy migration We’ll give you individual support and guidance to make your transition to Beebo smooth and straightforward.
Onboard and manage team members Simplified onboarding process and secure management of HR records.
Role-based records Set job profiles for each role to ensure consistency and avoid record gaps.
Task automation Automate administration tasks to save you time.
Leave and sickness Manage all aspects of leave, sickness and TOIL with preferences at organisation, role and individual level.
Bespoke account types Separate and unlimited login accounts for administrators and team members.
Desktop and mobile Web app configured for any device.
Partnerships Create sharing partnerships with other organisations and customers / regulators.
Compliance management Automated management of compliance with certification.
Document management Version control, distribution and recording for important policy or organisational documents
Team messaging Auditable and secure messaging to the right audience that can be reported on for regulators.
Full activity audit Audit log book of account activity tracking who did what, and when
Reporting One-click reporting for simplified regulator audits

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